what’s going on – are house prices stagnating?


Hello for the first time as I introduce you to our monthly insights.  We constantly trawl the property press, follow the industry experts and catch up with our fellow estate agent colleagues across London and The Cotswolds.  We will report on what we see and hear ‘on the ground’ to bring you ‘our’ opinions on what is going on out there in the property market.

Currently, ‘Sales’ activity remains strong across the housing sector, but there are signs that the market is starting to slow to more moderate levels as more properties come on to the market.

With the housing market booming, some vendors previously felt that they might run the risk of selling too quickly before finding somewhere to buy, but these concerns have now eased slightly and more are willing to come to the market.  

We have seen a significant rise in the number of new vendors ‘reaching out’ to us for advice about the current view on the property market.  Similarly, we’ve been having lots of conversations with previous clients both vendors and purchasers curious to know ‘where they stand’.

It’s hardly any surprise that the elastic needed to snap.  Lockdown restrictions have held back the normal ‘throng’ of property transactions from taking place.  The recent Easter break was for many the first time families had the opportunity to get together and catch up properly for over two years!  In my own experience this is when the conversations turn to – life and career goals, travel plans and where will your Christmas tree go – is it time to move house? 

It will be interesting to see what happens over the next month.  The war in Ukraine and its effects on the global economy coupled with the rise in interest rates and the third month of increases in energy costs will undoubtedly take their toll on us all.  I’m hearing it on every market appraisal I attend as clients are concerned and curious to know how this will affect the housing market.  

Till next month…..



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